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Schedule for the Einstein Toolkit Workshop

Speakers: please reserve at least 5 minutes discussion time at the end of your talks.

Wednesday October 11th

9.00 Welcome
9.10 Discussion: Current Status of the Einstein Toolkit

Bruno Giacomazzo: Einstein Toolkit in Europe

Roland Haas: Einstein Toolkit “Hack” release

10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Andrea Endrizzi

General relativistic magnetohydrodynamic simulations of binary neutron star mergers forming a long-lived neutron star

11.30 Jens F. Mahlmann

Blandford/Znajek process in dynamically evolving spacetimes

12.00 Charalampos Markakis

Conservation laws and evolution schemes in geodesic, hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic flows

12.30 Lunch
14.30 Steve Brandt

Scheduling and Synchronization, using Read/Write Directives in Cactus

15.00 Patricia Schmidt

Numerical Relativity infrastructure for data analysis in the Advanced era

15.30 Geraint Pratten

Phenomenological Waveform Models and Numerical Relativity

16.00 Coffee Break
16.30-18.30 Discussion: The Einstein Toolkit in the GW-astronomy era

Thursday October 12

9.00 Ruxandra Bondarescu

Boson Stars

9.30 Miguel Zilhao

Bosonic fields around black holes – part 1/2

10.00 Helvi Witek

Bosonic fields around black holes – part 2/2

10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 Hisaaki Shinkai

Nonlinear Dynamics in the Gauss-Bonnet gravity

11.30 Oleg Zaslavskii

High energy particle collisions near black holes and singularities and super-Penrose process

12.00 Mihai Bondarescu

 General Relativity as a Tool for Earth and Planetary Science

12.30 Lunch
14.00 Roland Haas

HydroOpenMPToy, a from scratch, minimal hydro code

14.30 Discussion: current open issues in the Einstein Toolkit
16.00 Coffee Break
16.30-18.30 Parallel discussion and working groups

Friday October 13

9.00 Discussion: running the Einstein Toolkit on current and future EU platforms
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Discussion: structuring the Einstein Toolkit with Working Groups
12.30 Lunch
14.3016.30 Funding Opportunities in Europe to support the Einstein Toolkit