Schedule for the Iberian Gravitational Waves Meeting .   [pdf]

Monday 7th

8:30 30′ Registration
9:00 15′ Welcome
9:15 50’+10′ Tomasz Bulik: Astrophysics of coalescing compact object binaries.
10:15 50’+10′ Patricia Schmidt: Hunting and Decoding the Chirp: Gravitational Waves from Compact Binary Coalescences
11:15  30′ Coffee break
11:45 50’+10′ Miquel Nofrarias: Overview of the LISA mission
12:45  1h 45′ Lunch break
14:30 20’+5′ Geraint Pratten: IMRPhenomX: A Framework for Phenomenological Waveform Models
14:55 20’+5′ Cecilio García: Multi-mode frequency-domain gravitational waves model for non-precessing black-hole binaries.
15:20 20’+5′ Juan Calderon Bustillo: Interpreting the last requiem of binary black holes.
15:45 30′ Coffee break
16:15 20’+5′ Antoni Ramos: A simple procedure to reduce the eccentricity of binary black hole simulations.
16:40 20’+5′ Marta Colleoni: Self-force input for binary black-hole inspirals: progress and challenges.
17:05 20’+5′ Marius Oltean: The Particle-without-Particle approach to the self-force problem.

Tuesday 8th

9:15 50’+10′ Enrique Zas: Multimessenger Astrophysics: A biased view from UHE Astroparticle Physics.
10:15 50’+10′ Alberto J. Castro Tirado: Electromagnetic
Counterparts to Gravitational Waves and the case of GRB 170817A
11:15  30′ Coffee break
11:45 50’+10′ Pablo Cerdá Durán: Understanding GWs from core-collapse supernovae.
12:45   1h 45′ Lunch break
14:30 20’+5′ David Keitel: Hunting for gravitational waves from merger remnants and glitching pulsars
14:55 20’+5′ Pep Covas: All-sky searches of continuous gravitational waves from isolated neutron stars
15:20 20’+5′ Arunava Mukherjee: Binary-Weave: a new pipeline for searching continuous wave signals from known binary systems.
15:45  30′ Coffee break
16:15 20’+5′ Miguel Bezares: Gravitational Waves of Exotic Compact Object.
16:40 20’+5′ Daniele Viganò: Mergers of fermion-boson stars.
17:05 20’+5′ Xisco Jimenez Forteza: Impact of high-PN tidal effects on BNS waveform models.
17:45 –19:00 Closed meeting of the REDONGRA network

Wednesday 9th

9:15 50’+10′ Tim Dietrich: Modeling the GW signal of Binary Neutron Star Systems.
10:15 50’+10′ Gabriel Martínez Pinedo: Gravitational waves and kilonova from neutron star mergers: probes from nucleosynthesis and high density equation of state.
11:15  30′ Coffee break
11:45 25’+5′ Luciano Gabbanelli: Gravitational waves in a \LambdaCDM universe.
12:15 25’+5′ Domenec Espriu: Using gravitational waves to measure the cosmological parameters in Pulsar Timing Arrays.
12:45   1h 45′ Lunch break
14:30 20’+5′ Jeremy Wachter: Cosmic strings: stochastic background and gravitational backreaction.
14:55 20’+5′ Josu C. Aurrekoetxea: Cosmic strings in full numerical GR.
15:20  30′ Coffee break
15:50 20’+5′ Miguel Zilhao: Lensing and dynamics of ultra-compact bosonic stars.
16:15 20’+5′ Héctor Estellés: Lensing effects in gravitational waves from astrophysical sources: signal morphology and impact on detection.