Postdoctoral Research Positions

The UIB Gravitational Physics Group offers one postdoctoral position:

And welcomes applications to two government-funded programs in coordination with our group:

Applications are welcome in all areas of gravitational physics, but preference will be given to the areas of gravitational wave data analysis, numerical relativity and astrophysical relativity.

The group consists of faculty members Carles Bona, Jaume Carot, Sascha Husa, Joan Masso and Alicia Sintes and postdoctoral research fellows Jordi Burguet Castell, Ryuichi Fujita, Denis Pollney, Milton Ruiz, as well as several graduate students.

The UIB group is a member of the LIGO and GEO collaborations, and covers a wide range of research interests in numerical relativity, gravitational wave data analysis, mathematical relativity and computational methods.

Application for position (A):

Applicants should send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, list of publications, brief description of research interests and achievements, and arrange for two letters of recommendation to be sent to gravity.uib.contact@gmail.com -- before January 16.

The expected starting date is June 2012, but earlier start dates can be arranged with the applicant.

Application for positions (B) and (C):

Applications will have to be sent to the Spanish government, with an estimated deadline of February 15, 2012.

Interested candidates should contact us informally before the application process starts. For position (B) only two applications can be supported.

Please contact Alicia Sintes () and Sascha Husa () or any other group member if you have any questions.