UIB Relativity Group organizes NRDA meeting 2013

16 September, 2013

The UIB Relativity and Gravitation Group organizes the sixth international "Numerical Relativity - Data Analysis" meeting (NRDA13). The meeting will take place from Wednesday 18th to Saturday 21st September 2013, at the Club Pollentia Resort in Alcudia.

More than 40 worldwide experts in gravitational wave astronomy have already confirmed their attendance, including Thomas Dent and Ian Hinder (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics), Ian Harry (Syracuse University), Benjamin Farr (Northwestern University), Tony Chu (Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophys), Scott Field (University of Maryland) and Ilya Mandel (University of Birmingham) as invited speakers.

This is the sixth NRDA meeting; previous meetings were held in Cardiff (2011), Waterloo (2010), Potsdam (2009), Syracuse (2008) and Boston (2006). NRDA aims to foster collaborations among scientists that simulate sources of gravitational radiation and those who search for gravitational waves in the data from the detectors.

Gravitational waves are a consequence of Einstein’s general relativity. Although there have been indirect evidence of them, there has been no direct detection yet. Their discovery, expected before the end of this decade, will open a new window on the Universe, which would allow us to observe phenomena such as the birth or collapse of black holes.

The UIB Relativity and Gravitation Group is one of the pioneering groups in Spain in the study of gravitational waves. As a member of GEO, the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC), and NINJA-2 and NRAR collaborations, the group is involved in analyzing observational data, and in the theoretical modeling of black holes and other phenomena in Einstein’s general relativity.

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