UIB Relativity and Gravity Group awarded CPAN Prize for best science outreach website

"The Symphony of the Universe" wins the National Center for Particle, Astroparticle and Nuclear Physics Best Website Award for Science Outreach

30 November, 2012

“The Symphony of the Universe”, our outreach website, has won the III Science Outreach Contest organized by the National Center for Particle, Astroparticle and Nuclear Physics (CPAN) for the best website.

The award was announced last 28th of November in Granada, during the IV CPAN Days. The jury highly valued the rigor and quality of concepts, the originality and interest of the subject and the ability to communicate to the general public.

“Learn”, “Play” and “Watch” are some of this web's sections, available in Spanish and Catalan. “Learn” is where you find multimedia presentations explaining basic concepts. “Play” is for quizzes, online games and videogames. “Watch” is where you find documentaries, TED talks and simulations and short videos. Another section is a blog, where the group replies also to questions made by the public through social networks. And last, “Browse”, a section with links and additional resources.

The outreach efforts of the group go beyond this website. It also organizes several outreach activities and talks, and attends science fairs. UIBGRG also uses Facebook and Twitter to share news and discuss current topics and answer questions from the public.

Award Celebration

To celebrate this award, the Relativity Group organized outreach activities the first week of December. On the ground floor of the Mateu Orfila building there was a small exhibition of posters and a stand with activities in the mornings. Group members answered questions, showed our website and explained various games to the students.

There was also a "Space Time Quest" videogame contest and prizes for the winners. The student who designed the best gravitational waves detector was Pilar Roig, with a score of 37.20 Mpc. The other winners were Joan Guzmán, Miguel A. Sierra and Christian Ferrer. Congratulations!

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