David Keitel elected member of the LIGO Scientific collaboration Program Committee replacing Alicia Sintes

9 November, 2021

Dr. D. Keitel at the KAGRA detector while under construction in 2015

IAC3 member David Keitel has been elected to the program committee of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC). Dr. Keitel is a Beatriz Galindo distinguished researcher in the GRAVITY group at UIB, financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and cofinanced by UIB. He has been an active member of the LSC since 2011 working on gravitational-wave data analysis for continuous waves and compact binary coalescences. He will serve on the program committee for the next 3 years, succeeding Dra. Alicia Sintes, principal investigator of the GRAVITY group, who had served on the committee since 2018. The LSC program committee is responsible for formulating the overall goals of the collaboration in detector operations, instrumentation development, data analysis, and public outreach, as summarised in a document published once a year (see for the 2021 edition). It advises the LSC council, of which GRAVITY members Sintes, Keitel and Sascha Husa are also members, and the collaboration’s leadership on the planning of specific scientific publications and on the LSC’s memoranda of understanding with member groups and external collaborations (such as radio observatories), and it assesses the implementation of each year’s program.