Delivery of Princess of Asturias Award

20 october, 2017


On October 20 the LIGO Scientific Collaboration was conferred the 2017 Princess of Asturias prize for technical and Scientific Research. The award, shared with Rai Weiss, Kip Thorne and Barry Barish, was conferred by King Felipe of Spain, and Laura Cadonati represented the collaboration on the podium, in a spectacular ceremony in the town of Oviedo, Spain - in attachment is a picture of the event. Attending the ceremony were also David Shoemaker and several LSC members, including Alicia Sintes, Sasha Husa, Borja Sorazu, Juan Calderon Bustillo, Miriam Cabrero Muller, Alex Vano-Vinuales, Xavi Siemens, Pablo Laguna, Peter Couvares, Alvaro Álvaro Fernández, Matt Evans, Lisa Barsotti, Stan Whitcomb, and Jay Marx. Toni Font represented Virgo. The Princess of Asturias foundation made a special point of recognizing the role our Collaboration has had in the discovery. Diploma and trophy will be sent to LHO and LLO for display.

Congratulations again!