SINC agency honored Alicia Sintes for her implication in science communication

6 November, 2018


In 2008, FECYT launched SINC, the first scientific news agency in our country, aiming to increase the presence of quality scientific information in the media - especially those that have Spanish researchers and centers as their leaders - so that their achievements can reach the citizens.

On November 8th at 6:30pm, in La Casa Encendida (Madrid), due to the 10th anniversary of the SINC Agency, there will be the award ceremony to reward those scientists and institutions that work on public awareness of science. One of those prizes, that have been called #Sincronizados, is for Dr Alicia Sintes. It acknowledges her accessibility, her availability to answer journalists' questions, and her capacity to make divulgation seem easy. Lately, information about LIGO and gravitational waves has been very relevant in the news, and Alicia has been a first class source.

Other winners for their implication in science communication and their availability to broaden, opine and go in depth about different topics have been:

Congratulations to the award-winners.

SINC press release.