UIB Relativity Group hosts the International Workshop Astro-GR

The focus of the meeting is to discuss e-LISA, ESA'S planned space interferometer

3 September, 2011

UIB Relativity Group hosts the International Workshop Astro-GR 2011, a yearly international meeting which attend worlwide experts on gravitational waves astronomy. The meeting will be from Monday 5th to Friday September 9th, 2011. More than 80 scientists have already confirmed their attendance, including ESAS's representatives. The focus of the meeting will be the impact and scientific potential of the future space intereferometer e-LISA.

A key aim of the Astro-GR meetings is to foster and develop new collaborative ventures, as well as to strengthen existing ones, within the different communities (astrophysics, data analysis, general relativity and numerical relativity).

The main topics of interest for the meeting will be:

  • Astrophysical modelling of super- and massive black hole coalescences (ranging from 103 to 109 M⊙)
  • Astrophysical modelling of small compact objects by massive black holes
  • Observations of our own Galactic Center
  • Modelling of strong field sources within General Relativity
  • Data analysis of the sources
  • Early warning of possible mergers either from the data analysis or by EM detection
  • Observations of neutron star binaries leading up to coalescence for long periods of time
  • Measuring spin-down of individual pulsars
  • Coincidence measurements with ground-based detectors