LVC waveforms face-to-face Meeting


Welcome to the 2nd face-to-face meeting of LIGO’s and Virgo’s Waveform Research and Development Team. This three-day workshop is a platform for discussing and coordinating waveform model-related developments for the third observing run (and beyond) of Advanced LIGO and Virgo.

  • Dates: 30th October – 1st November 2018
  • Venue: Club Pollentia Resort near Alcúdia in Mallorca.
  • There is a registration fee of 110€/participant that can be paid by Credit Card – see the accommodation page.
  • Block reservation of rooms @Club Pollentia held until 13th October 2018 – see the accommodation page.

Local Organizing Committee (you can contact us at

  • Sascha Husa
  • Alicia M. Sintes Olives
  • Rafel Jaume Amengual
  • Marina Adrover Correa